Travel guides are vital for any fancy traveler. Practical, they are the perfect ally for recommendations on hotels, restaurants, shops and travel itineraries depending on your budget and interests.

Travel guides can be frustrating, with just a small fraction of the book proving relevant to your interests. So which guide should you choose? Forget staples like Lonely Planet and turn instead to Fancy Oli’s selection.

The fanciest: Louis Vuitton City Guide

Keenly awaited each year by travelers the world over, the Louis Vuitton City Guide offer a top-notch selection of the best spots chosen with flair. The content is constantly updated since 1998 and the guides are always ahead in their recommendations now covering 21 cities around the world.




The revamped Louis Vuitton City Guide, which come inside a lacquered box available in five bright colors, take you on a journey to 15 destinations: Beijing, Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Miami, Moscow, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo and Venice.


With new chapters, new writers and a new layout, here’s a place where your ideas for your next escape can really take off. In 2015, six new cities joined the collection: Berlin, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Singapore.

Always a step ahead of what is and will be trendy, these guides are for travelers seeking authenticity and luxury of course, but simple pleasures as well.


Citix60, for insiders only

Hong Kong-based communications firm viction:ary has just launched its own English-language tourist guides, Citix60. The guides originally covered six cities: Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Since April, three more cities have been added: Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.


Each guide compiles 60 carefully selected stops chosen and described by 60 artists, writers, musicians, designers, restaurant owners… It’s ideal for the insider traveler searching for the secret places known by local trendsetters.





Each guide’s dustcover can unfold to become a map of the city. You can also purchase the maps separately at The drawings and color scheme differ from one guide to the next, and are unique to the chosen illustrator.





Available for purchase online only, it’s a practical and unique guide that comes in a good size.

Coolest design: Wallpaper* City Guides

A product of British magazine Wallpaper*, the Wallpaper* City Guides are instantly recognizable by their stylish Pantone covers and clean and simply content. Edited by Phaidon, with about two million copies sold around the world, they cover no less than 100 destinations.


Categories are presented under various tabs, such as “24 hours,” “hotels,” “urban life,” “arts and design,” “escapes” and “shopping.” Each time, it’s a selection of a dozen uber trendy and fancy stops, along with a short description. It’s the perfect guide to complement spots you may have already read about elsewhere.



They are available in a digital version at the Apple Store that is identical to the print edition. It’s a more environmentally friendly, fun and easy to carry version for phone addicts or the perennially distracted.





Foldable guides: “Bonjour”

Barely bigger than a passport, this “little illustrated guide” is a useful waterproof, tear-proof menu of sorts. These quirky guides of Amsterdam, New York, Paris and Provence are edited by Martin Montagut Production. Tourists and locals alike are invited to explore unique and unsual spots. Hat tip to Françoise Sagan.


The foldable guide, illustrated with aquarelles by Marina Vandel, Bonjour Paris helps you discover the secrets of the City of Lights divided in six different neighborhoods, from the gourmet restaurant hidden in a forgotten corner of Ménilmontant to the master cutler and the perfumer from Florence. 


Building on the success of the Parisian guide,, Bonjour New York is a journey through the Big Apple dotted with refined and quirky spots alike where craft is key. These spots get you off the beaten path so you can check out something else than the Empire State Building or hot dog stands in Times Square! The guides are available for purchase in Paris at Merci, Colette and the Bon Marché.



They are also visually pleasing and have become collectors’ items, put on display on shelves or in the living room library. Thanks to these little gems, you can rest assured you won’t miss a trendy or quirky spot and can make the most out of your escape.