The acclaim and respect of peers is not enough for Oscars nominees. Whether or not they get a golden statuette in Hollywood come February 28, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet and Michael Fassbender will all be winners… of an extravagant $200,000 gift bag. It’s a tradition that dates back to 2001. It’s a way to make the horror pill of losing that much easier to swallow.

Dubbed “Everybody Wins,” this year’s goodie bag is on a path to outdo its predecessors. Regardless of whether or not he scores the actual award as expected, Leonardo DiCaprio, nominated for his lead role in “The Revenant,” will also be able to enjoy a first class, 10-day trip to Israel ($55,000), followed closely by a 15-day walking trip of Japan and a year’s worth of unlimited Audi A4 car rentals from Silvercar, each worth $45,000.

Okay, that seems alright for Hollywood’s finest. But wait, that’s not all! This swag bag is stuffed full of luxuries of all sorts.


Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson and Charlotte Rampling will all have the pleasure of finding Dandi Patch antiperspirant solutions, a Vampire Breast Lift (whereby the breasts of a client victim?) are enhanced using her own blood, a Fiera vibrator, three training sessions with health guru Jay Cardiello, without forgetting luxury toilet paper from Swiss brand Joseph’s Toiletries, which could always come in handy if a nominee has a pressing need between two commercial breaks during the all-important, but oh-so-long ceremony.

Who knows if Sylvester Stallone and Kate Winslet will regret their nominations. That said, those celebrities who choose to forego this gift bag of gift bags can simply say they wanted to avoid paying taxes. Yes, the value of these gifts is so extravagant that those who choose to go home with it will have to declare their gifts to the taxman. #Trap

Joseph’s Toiletries toilet paper, $275
Fiera’s Arouser vibrator, for women only, $250
Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer, $249.99
First-class, 10-day trip to Israel, $55,000

Here’s a list of these outrageous goodies:

First-class, 10-day trip to Israel, $55,000

One year of unlimited Audi A4 car rentals at Silvercar, $45,000

15-day walking trip of Japan, $45.000

Life supply of Lizora skin cream, $31,200

Organic animal food, $6,300

Fitness package at private villa, $6,250

Ultherapy nonsurgical lift, $5,530

Vampire breast lift, $1,900

Three private training sessions with Jay Cardiello $1,400

Haze Dual V3 vaporizer, $249.99

Personalized My M&M’s, $300

Maple syrup, $99

Joseph’s Toiletries luxury toilet paper, $275

Fiera’s Arouser vibrator, $250

Hydroxycut weightloss gummies, $19.98

Dandi Patch anti-perspiran, $21

Personal training session with coach Alexi Seletzky, $900

Belldini clothing, $300

Trip to Sorrento, Italy, with a stay at the five-star Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, $5,000

Three nights at Grand Hotel Tremezzo in the Lake Como region of Italy, $5,000

Three-day stay at the Golden Door Resort and Spa in San Marcos, California, $4,800

Steamist personal spa installation, $5,060

Personal shopping and delivery by Delovery, $2,000

Dr Jane 360 hair products, $193

Lat & Lo sterling-silver necklace inscribed with the latitude and longitude coordinates to the Dolby Theater in California, $150

Caolion face masks and pore scrubs, $134

Slimware weightloss products, $30

Metal pocket wallet by Zekkle Edge, $125

Sedona Lace makeup brushes, $110

Mezcal handcrafted in San Baltazar Guelavila, Mexico, by El Silencio, $75

Box of Mission1 Clean protein bars, $5.65

Phone screen protector by Phantom Glass, $59.95

Reusable water bottle by Memobottle, $47

Signature vodka, $70

Jewelry by Farm Wife Style, $25

Wine, $39

Pastries, $35

Fabric cleaner by Gleener on the Go, $11.99

Organic plant-based protein shake by Purely Inspired, $19.97