New Yorkers, the weekend is upon us and nature beckons. Ditch the car and the trains. Surely, flying is far more stylish and StndAIR, the new ultra fancy airline owned by The Standard hotels, has everything  you need. Hotel magnate André Balazs is offering regular flights all summer, including on Thursdays and Fridays, to several locations in the Hamptons.

For $735, the private charter plane takes off from Manhattan’s East River and drops you off just 45 minutes later on Sunset Beach, feet in the water. The package includes a flight aboard a Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian that can carry up to eight passengers, a copious lunch and complimentary bikes and beach chaises to perfect that tan before heading back to the office Monday morning.



Flights are available through September 2 this year. Don’t miss this unique trip next time you’re staying in New York. Book here: