FANCY : sophisticated, whimsical, chic, refined

“Yet another blog!” skeptics will say. True. But why not share personal experiences that could interest or please others? Traveling to places of privilege is something you never forget. Kinda like Lady Gaga’s steak dress.

FancyOli is a blog on the art of travel aimed at curious travelers who want to discover unique places and tastes.

Why us?

I came up with the idea for this blog by reading my friends’ comments on photos I posted of my hotel stays — “nice view,” “#jealous,” “enjoy,” “where are you again?” and the inevitable “gotta check this out now!” I realized that people were interested in the unique places I visited.

Facebook and Instagram “likes” are a critical tool that impact our influence on social networks. And these don’t come easy. Some people take hours to choose the best filter on Instagram.

With a little help from Fancy Oli, you are almost guaranteed more likes, retweets and regrams than ever before.

We all know the great personal reward reward reaped from getting 100 likes in a day by posting a great view from a fabulous hotel room.

Who is Oli?

Oli is in his thirties, loves to travel, discover new and trendy hotels that are sometimes affordable, sometimes extravagant, but always fancy. Building on his experience, Oli gives expert advice on the hotels and other findings described on this blog, and offers his best travel tips. Come travel with me!

When it’s fancy, the price doesn’t matter.

Enjoy your visit!